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First off, let me apologize for the grossly unfair inactivity of this blog. When I first made it, I promised new facts daily, completely unaware of a) howunreasonable it was of me to assume I could find a new, interesting Linkin Park fact daily, b) how time consuming it was to create a suitable image macro that meets the blog’s standards, and c) how little time I was prepared to invest into this blog.

Over the past few months, all I’ve really used this blog for was a means to get more notes and/or traction on my Linkin Park-related posts from my main/personal blog. This is both incredibly selfish of me and unfair to my followers.

So, I’m proposing a new system. Followers are encouraged to send in requests and/or facts, and I will post two images a week - as of right now I’m unsure of the days, but I’m currently considering Mondays and Thursdays.
I will also be reblogging more Linkin Park related posts, not only from my personal blog, but from others, too.

I apologize for how terrible a blog administrator I’ve been recently.

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Album art



The new Linkin Park single, Guilty All The Same. Spread it like wildfire.

I have actually listened to this more than thirty times today. It’s amazing.




LPL has done some more detective work and found that the BMI database updated to include a new Linkin Park song called “Guilty All The Same”!


Credit to chazshawn for the original image!

Anonymous: do you have a list of working titles for all LP songs in entire catalog...? -Warren Willis (Joe's tech) send to Irene K please

I’m not exactly sure what you’re asking for here - demo names, or the names of songs before their full release? And I’m not sure what the second half of your ask means, please clarify.

Album art


Blue was written and recorded in 1998 in the sessions leading up to the recording of Hybrid Theory, and was unreleased until 2011, when Linkin Park Underground 11 was launched.

Mike had actually completely forgotten about the song until he found it on a CD in 2011, and said that he and Chester abandoned the song but found “something special” in the vocals at the end of the song.

They took the melody, rewrote the lyrics, wrote new chords underneath them, and thus, the chorus of Crawling was born.

Listen to the fucking bass in this song. So raw, so glorious.


Okay Linkin Park Soldiers, let’s take a second to say a thing and stuff.

Now, I’m not really that big on musical theory. I can play like three instruments, but very terribly, and they’re all pretty basic and two of them are wind instruments. That being said, I understand that A is a higher note and the lower you get in letters, until G, the lower the sound is.

Mike posted this earlier, displaying the BPM and tempo of songs on the new LP record.image

So, most of Meteora was played in D-minor or a few cents down, as far as I know. That means that we KNOW that the songs will be generally heavier than ATS/LT.

Now, Don’t Stay is notably one of Linkin Park’s heaviest songs… it’s played at 180BPM in (what I think is) D-flat.

There is a song on that track list that is played at 200BPM in D-minor (which I think is slightly lower than D-flat, please correct me on this).

There’s also a 180BPM song played in D-minor/D-phrygian, a 172 in D-minor, a 170 in D-phrygian, and a lot of other low-key stuff with lower BPMs (don’t worry, Faint is only 135BPM).

You know what that means, guys? Linkin Park’s next record is going to be heavy. This is what a LOT of you have been waiting for, and while I love all of Linkin Park’s “new era” stuff, this is getting me super fucking excited.

My body is ready.