Linkin Park Facts


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Linkin Park’s Studio Discography

Hybrid Theory [2000]Meteora [2003]Minutes to Midnight [2007]A Thousand Suns [2010]Living Things [2012]The Hunting Party [2014]


If shit sometimes just doesn’t go your way and you feel like you’re ready to give up, just remember that Linkin Park auditioned for record deals and were rejected 44 (yes, forty-four) times before finally being taken on by Warner Brothers and becoming one of the biggest musical acts of the past two decades.


I made a banner for Linkin Park Australia to use as their cover picture for the THP release, but they never used it sooooo here’s a slightly edited version. Go nuts.Higher quality version here.

Good that someone’s finally saying it. Linkin Park completely changed the entire metalcore scene and if anyone even tries to dispute it they are 100% fucking wrong.

okay so i made this and idk i don’t think it’s very good at all but i spent a little while on it so i thought i may as well post it?

Anonymous: Do you happen to know anything about Rob getting married? I heard that he got married May 10th to a German woman

I’ve heard nothing about it, so it’s probably untrue - I found once source that claimed he got married, but it was only an anonymous edit to a wikipedia page, so, yeah. Likely untrue.

Linkin Park is Nominated for World Music Awards




Linkin Park has been nominated for World Music Awards!

They’re nominating for several category.

Here to Vote :

World’s Best Songs

World’s Best Albums

World’s Best Video

World’s Best Group

World’s Best Live Act

Let’s vote! 


Both Burn It Down and A Light That Never Comes are nominated for World’s Best Song. Ctrl+F “Linkin Park” to find them.
I’ve also fixed the link to World’s Best Video (it was previously World’s Best Album). Again, both Burn It Down and A Light That Never Comes are nominated for World’s Best Video.
Living Things and Recharged are nominated for World’s Best Album.

Get voting everyone!

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